Creating Inspiring Landscapes

Gardenmakers believe in making better looking and more functional spaces in both domestic and commercial applications.

We have the experienced and motivated team that go the extra mile to ensure we create your big picture while adding that extra functionality that ensures the longevity of your garden space.

We offer only qualified professionals for every project no matter what size, space or location.  From intimate little outdoor nooks to acreage properties, Gardenmakers Landscaping make it happen and do the job right the first time.

Retaining Walls / Retainer Walls

Gardenmakers Landscaping design and construct all forms of retaining walls for all needs. These include varieties such structural re-enforced walls, border fencing walls, sloping land to create sectioned plateaus and stepping.  We also offer a large variety of materials to suit any garden space where retaining walls are required or preferred, such material varieties include:

Boulder Walls:
– Sandstone Boulder
– Porphyry Rock
– Granite Rock
– Bushrock

Stone Pitched Walls:
– Sandstone
– Blue Stone / Basalt
– Granite

Timber Walls:
– Treated Kopper Log
– Treated Pine
– Treated Hardwood

– Link Blocked Walls


Paths & Pathing

Pavers are a great surface for any outdoor area. Create beautiful paths to lead you through your landscape. Whether your after paving stones and pavers, crushed stone paths, Gardenmakers offer a wide range of styles, shapes and colours to suit styles from traditional to contemporary.

All types of foundations suited to application of paving (i.e. driveway, path, patio, pool surrounds).  We help you with this selection to suit the area to be paved or where you require a path to be designed and constructed.


Garden Construction

There are so many options when it comes to designing the look and feel of your garden area.  But you may not instantly recognise the important factors that need to be considered when contemplating a landscaping project. Some of these may include the direction of your home and where sunlight is available, the slope of your land, irrigation, stormwater and soil type are among some of the more important factors to consider.

Gardenmakers offer a complete range of landscaping and garden enhancement services, some of which include:


  • Paver & brick edging
  • Sandstone, bushrock or granite rock edging
  • Treated timber edging


  • Plant variety is plentiful – personal preference, theme, budget and water conservation are all taken into consideration

Feature Gardens

  • Feature gardens can add a highlight or focal point to enhance your landscape


Turfing & Lawn Improvement

Using the latest turf varieties available on the market, we select and offer the most suitable type depending on your traffic conditions and sun exposure.
A new sub-soil foundation is used where required to improve soil condition prior to turfing with initial water and roll carried out on completion.

We supply and lay all varieties of natural and synthetic turfs depending on your needs and preferred look and feel.

Gardenmakers also offer a turf assessment of your current lawn should it not be performing or looking its best.  We check for any pests or infestations that may be causing issues and then combat that cause or provide a professional recommendation if salvaging is the most cost effective solution.


Timber Decking & Fencing

Timber decking and fencing is synonymous with Australian homes.  With such a wide variety of materials now available to the home owner, Gardenmakers offer their professional opinion on what is best for the style of your home and area.

For a better idea of what is available for your decking or fencing needs, contact us to discuss your best options and we will make the decision process much easier. 


Drainage & Irrigation Systems

Gardenmakers offer manual and automatic irrigation system installation depending on your budget, surrounding area and whether it is required to irrigate gardens and/or turf.

Types of sprinklers and materials are chosen depending on the application and size of area to be irrigated. Connections to rainwater tanks or town water mains where legal.


Garden Lighting Systems

12 volt garden lighting is often used to enhance your newly constructed landscape to enjoy 24 hours a day.  Gardenmakers supply and install all forms of garden lighting including pedestal lighting, uplighting, downlighting, spotlighting and 24 hour timers.

We can advise on the best way to enhance your garden or landscaping and in particular how the direction of lighting plays a vital role in the overall look of your area.


Rainwater Tanks

Gardenmakers can replace, supply and install the required rainwater tank necessary for your retention and irrigation needs. Foundations for tanks are as per manufacturers specifications and we construct each accordingly. We support both above ground, underground, or subfloor installation.

Water Features

We also install pre-fabricated water features or offer custom designing and construction should you prefer. Gardenmakers can supply, install and construct all number of water features including:

  • Ponds
  • Ornamental Pools and fish ponds
  • Water Gardens
  • Bird Baths
  • Wall Fountains
  • Water falls
  • Cascading ponds
  • Large or Small Water pots


Earthworks & Bobcat Hire

We provide and operate machinery where possible to suit the size of land and accessibility. This machinery is run by fully licensed operators and carry out all required works according to local council legislation.  We carry out all the necessary pre-site inspections to ensure no sewerage, stormwater, and power pipes are going to cause an issue.

Larger machinery is utilised where necessary, generally for larger open property types and for a more time/cost effective solution.


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